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Our Innovation Centers are creative, collaborative and educational spaces that provide access to advanced software, emerging technologies and production equipment. There is no charge to use the equipment in the Innovation Centers, however users are responsible for the costs of consumable materials (e.g., 3D printing filament, vinyl material). Limited supplies of consumable materials are available for purchase. We encourage innovators to bring their own pre-approved materials for their projects.

Before you can use our Innovation Centers, you must complete a required orientation class that will acquaint you with our procedures, equipment and software (view the orientation class schedule). After you have completed your orientation class, please print and fill out these forms. The completed forms must be returned to the branch where you attended orientation.

Oriented users are required to attend a basics class before using the following equipment:

  • CNC router
  • Embroidery machine
  • Laser cutter/engraver
  • Long arm quilting machine

Oriented users are required to attend a basics class before using the following equipment: Long arm quilting machine, CNC router, embroidery machine and laser cutter/engraver.

PLEASE NOTE: All Innovation Centers close 15 minutes before the branch closes Click here for our daily hours of operation.

Submit Your 3D Design

Have you designed something in our Innovation Centers that you would like us to print? Maybe a unique gift for your business clients, a spare part for a home appliance or a prototype for a new product? We can help turn it into a beautiful 3D object for you. Simply complete and submit our 3D Print Request Form and we’ll take it from there. (Please note: you will need to submit this form for each 3D printing request).

Submit Your Design

Recommended Resources

There are so many great resources for makers online … it can be hard to know where to begin. A good place to start is with our recommend resources. These are some of our favorite resources for Innovation Center users and makers of all skill levels.

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