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Whatever your genre, we have the book for you! Updated monthly, BookPage searches the literary landscape to find the most buzzworthy, exciting books across all genres.

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Flipster lets you download your favorite magazines to read online or offline, anytime, anywhere. Titles include People, US Weekly, Allure, Esquire, Time, ESPN Magazine, AARP the Magazine and hundreds more. There are no subscription fees to pay and no waitlists, ever!

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Enjoy unlimited access to award-winning journalism, meal planning, intelligent sports reporting, and your favorite puzzles like Connections, Spelling Bee, the Mini, Wordle and more! Create a free New York Times account using your own email address -- or Google, Facebook or Apple account -- and get subscription access to, New York Times Cooking, Games and The Athletic.

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Read newspapers and magazines from all over the world in 50+ languages -- now featuring USA Today!

PressReader features newspapers and magazines in 50+ languages from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and the United States, covering News, Music, Sports, Spirituality, Travel and more!

PressReader’s Auto-Translate feature allows users to access global and local publications in business, politics, entertainment, lifestyle or sports in the language they desire so they can always stay up to date.

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Access to The Wall Street Journal’s includes unlimited articles on, four-year archive & article search, and more! Use the link below to create your account and to refresh your access every 72 hours. 24/7 access to is available using a web browser on a computer or mobile device. The WSJ app is not supported with this subscription.

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