Project Learn Corrections

CCCF GED Class 4

Removing barriers to employment for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated adults

The Project Learn Corrections program provides adult education services across Cuyahoga County, predominantly in the City of Cleveland, through a partnership with Cleveland Public Library, to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated adults. CCPL offers classes at the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center (CCCC), the Nancy McDonnell Community Based Corrections Facility (CBCF), North Star Neighborhood Reentry Resource Center, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries (LMM). CCPL also holds strategic partnerships with Towards Employment and the Cuyahoga County Probation Department as referral agencies for clients who need an HSE credential.

Program goals

  • Students with criminal records will obtain employment or enroll in postsecondary education or training programs.
  • Students with criminal records will increase high school equivalency rates.
  • Students with criminal records will increase educational skill gains.


Jami Harris
Adult Education Services Corrections