Holiday Closing

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Holiday Closing

All Cuyahoga County Public Library branches will be closed Sunday, May 29 and Monday, May 30 in observance of Memorial Day.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Goals

1. Advance literacy and lifelong learning through innovative programs and services that meet the diverse needs and interests of our communities.

  • Strategy 1 — Review and enhance programs and services for all generations of readers.
    • Improve access to a collection that exceeds expectations.
    • Expand readers' advisory services.
    • Advance programming that encourages reading and writing and celebrates authors.
    • Increase early literacy programs to reach every family in our service district.
    • Partner with families, caregivers and schools to improve K-12 grade-level reading.
    • Improve adult literacy rates by increasing participation in Aspire Greater Cleveland.
  • Strategy 2 — Support student success through programs and partnerships with families, school districts and other community agencies.
    • Help children begin school with necessary kindergarten readiness skills.
    • Provide K-12 students with out-of-school time experiences that inspire curiosity and support educational outcomes.
    • Reduce barriers to student resources.
  • Strategy 3 — Contribute to the region's economic growth.
    • Establish our position in the workforce development ecosystem by increasing awareness of services and expanding partnerships.
    • Increase Innovation Centers and services to support entrepreneurs and small business growth.
    • Offer programs that support non-traditional pathways to educational attainment.

2. Prioritize connections with our customers and our communities.

  • Strategy 1 — Build and enhance our reputation in the community.
    • Deliver excellent customer service that delights and exceeds expectations.
    • Implement CCPL rebranding program.
    • Revise communications strategies to ensure they are inclusive and connect with all residents in our service district.
    • Strengthen relationships with community organizations and businesses to generate and expand Library support.
  • Strategy 2 — Strengthen the region's social infrastructure.
    • Expand information literacy offerings to support informed participation in civic life.
    • Provide open, welcoming spaces that encourage collaboration and connection.
    • Increase programming that promotes civic dialogue.
  • Strategy 3 — Refine processes and partnerships to serve our communities through our dynamic, welcoming spaces and commitment to open access for all.
    • Collaborate with local government and organizations to deliver information services related to e-government, transportation, housing and food assistance.
    • Engage in partnerships to address health disparities in our communities.

3. Nurture a culture of inclusion and respect that empowers staff and equitably connects our communities to opportunity.

  • Strategy 1 — Prioritize digital equity and inclusion.
    • Increase digital literacy training inside and outside library branches to expand opportunity for all.
    • Help narrow the digital divide and connect all residents to the digital economy.
  • Strategy 2 — Integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into program and service planning.
    • Develop a portfolio of programs that celebrate and advance cultural understanding.
    • Build a collection that reflects and represents the diversity of the communities we serve.
    • Ensure accountability through DEI outcome reporting.
  • Strategy 3 — Integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into CCPL operations.
    • Train and support staff as we strengthen our organizational cultural competency.
    • Develop talent recruitment and retention programs to grow and support a diverse workforce.
    • Contribute to economic opportunity for all by establishing a supplier diversity program.