Sue Kirschner voted president of USA Toy Library Association

Parma, OH – February 9, 2023 – Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) Youth Literacy & Outreach Manager Sue Kirschner has been appointed president of the USA Toy Library Association (USATLA), a 39-year-old nonprofit organization supporting toy libraries nationwide.

Kirschner has led the CCPL toy library for 18 years. CCPL offers more than 4,000 toys that can be borrowed just like a book or DVD. All of the toys in the collection have been carefully selected based on their ability to stimulate creative play, safety and overall quality. CCPL cardholders can request toys from the Library's website and have them delivered to their local branch for pick up. In 2022, CCPL cardholders borrowed from the toy library a record 33,000 times.

“It is a great time to head up the USA Toy Library Association,” said Kirschner. “Toy libraries continue to thrive out of economic necessity, but also because individuals recognize the importance of play to physical and emotional health. The association is developing many exciting new programs and we are looking forward to hosting conferences again."

Kirschner has been a member of USATLA for 22 years and was the recipient of its 2014 Jane Donelson Player of the Year Award, which recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to toy libraries and early childhood development. Anelis Coscioni, executive director of the Toy Lending Library of Sioux Falls, S.D., won the award in 2022.

"Anelis has worked tirelessly to build the toy lending program there," said Kirschner. "Her innovative spirit and dedication drove the launch of the program 8 years ago. She started from zero and established 14 toy libraries, mostly at partner locations that circulate toys from the Toy Lending Library of South Dakota. She is an amazing advocate for learning through play and truly deserves this award."

About USA Toy Library Association

USATLA supports toy libraries nationwide with education, programming and advice on development and best practices. About 400 toy libraries exist in 32 states. Many more toy libraries serve families in 50 countries that are represented by their own national associations and the International Toy Library Association. USATLA is a member of the international group.