How often may I book the Sari Feldman Auditorium?

Groups/individuals may book the auditorium for a maximum of four days per month, which includes any related rehearsals, performances and tech-walkthroughs.

What is the minimum attendance required to rent the space?

The Library requests an estimated count of at least 50 people to attend any event held in the auditorium. Special arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis for groups expecting less than 50 attendees. Please contact Media Services staff before submitting a rental application.

What type of insurance is required to rent the Sari Feldman Auditorium?

The Library requires a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy when booking the auditorium. Most organizations have some form of insurance that covers this requirement or individuals can contact their local insurance agent and ask about event insurance rates.

My non-profit organization would like to host an event outside of the Library's hours of operation. Will the hourly room charges still be waived?

No. Hourly room charge fees can only be waived for non-profit organizations using the auditorium during regular library hours. Non-profit organizations using the auditorium outside of regular library hours or charging admission/soliciting donations at their event will be required to pay the designated hourly room rate.

My for-profit organization is hosting a free or non-revenue generating event. Do I qualify to have hourly room charges waived?

No. Hourly room charge fees can only be waived for verified non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) tax ID.

May I show a movie in the Sari Feldman Auditorium?

Movies may only be shown in the auditorium if the renter has received prior permission from the movie studio and can provide a proper public performance license for the film being shown. Proper documentation must be provided to our Media Services staff at least 30 days prior to the event.

May I rent spaces in the Library's Administration Building for my event?

Additional meeting room spaces in the Administration Building can only be rented in conjunction with the Sari Feldman Auditorium. Please discuss options with a Media Services staff member when booking your event.

My room set-up or audio-visual (AV) needs have changed sinced I booked the Sari Feldman Auditorium. What should I do?

All room set-up and audio-visual (AV) details must be finalized no later than 7 days prior to your event. Please discuss any changes with a Media Services staff member as early as possible.

What is the size of the raised stage?

A raised stage set-up of either 16x8 or 24x16 can be provided in the auditorium for an additional fee. Please let Media Services staff know your preference when booking. A wheelchair ramp is also available upon request.

Is a dressing room available?

There are no dressing rooms in the auditorium. Please discuss with Media Services staff about what other options might be available.

Does the Library have a preferred caterer list?

No. You are welcome to use whatever catering service you’d like. A pantry kitchen with a refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and sink is available to those renting the auditorium.

Are linens provided for tables and/or chairs?

No. You may bring your own or discuss rental options with your preferred caterer/event rental company. The Library offers 60-inch round tables and a limited amount of 5-8 ft rectangular tables. Please discuss your specific needs with a Media Services staff member when booking.

May I serve alcohol at my event?

All requests to serve alcohol at events held in the auditorium must be approved in advance by Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Executive Director. Please discuss this with a Media Services staff member before submitting your application. Typically, alcohol is only approved during events held after normal library hours and permitted only in the auditorium.

Would Cuyahoga County Public Library record or livestream my event?

No, we do not provide this service.

Would Cuyahoga County Public Library promote my event?

Unfortunately, we cannot help promote events in the Sari Feldman Auditorium that are booked by outside groups. Non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions using the space may qualify to have their event information available in our branches. Learn more about our Literature Distribution Policy.

What lighting options are available?

Basic house lighting is included with the rental of the Sari Feldman Auditorium. Events that require Library staff to move/rearrange light fixtures in the room or that require multiple lighting cues will be charged an advanced lighting fee. In these instances, we request a member of your organization be available in the production booth during the entirety of the program to direct the Library’s light operator and ensure proper execution of your event.

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