Read + Write Poetry: 29 April 2022


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That Sugar Cube You Feed to a Horse
By Angelo Maneage

body on behind sweet dentist glass pressed on that guy with a red face peeking from it. while we were not at a dentist nobody was smiling. sweaty and hot my throat hurt and it felt right to be coughing on the ground. in my head I heard the cable on tv was talking to me with no infliction. I forgot how newscasters lived

with no shock like that I could be that simple I thought and then I started to lift my skin up only like a magician with hooks above a desert and crocodiles and did not die. it hurt me though like hell but it was okay compared to the news. earlier

somebody rolled on the ground but lifting off the ground was worse. it was not as warm as before but I saw this sweaty guy looking at us and I did not feel good at all.

That Sugar Cube You Feed to a Horse by Angelo Maneage, from The Improper Use of Plates. Ghost City Press. 2021. Used by permission of the author.

About the Author

Angelo Maneage is a writer and designer living Northeast Ohio next to a Texas Roadhouse. He is the author of THE IMPROPER USE OF PLATES (Ghost City Press). You can follow him on Twitter (@angeelio) and visit him on a different website at:

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In 2016, these expressions were voted most irritating in a Marist Poll. Write a poem that focuses on one of them, irritating or no: whatever; no offense but; ya know, right?; I can't even; and huge. Let's add one more: at the end of the day.

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