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Now Boarding
By Veronica Thornton

My mind goes in a million different directions

I understand each way, but others think it needs correction

analyze each thought on its own

with all things combined another’s mind would be blown

A train of thoughts arrives and leaves the station

no signs upfront stating a specific destination

riders without tickets hitching rides just for gratification

more often than not they intersect

arriving in places one would least suspect

there is no going just one way as the train will sometimes jump the track

and various thoughts bring it back

the stops along the way are there for exploration

with messages that coincide with some form of explanation

Those that have gotten on and off the ride

where the logical meet the illogical and sometimes collide

riders mixed with everything from the hypothetical

to the philosophical even thoughts that seem impossible

arriving to wherever they get off in my psychological having me think along the philosophical

The thoughts keep coming so the train keeps running

as the station stays pumping

what’s your thoughts a question, a statement

or a thought with an explanation

catching my train of thoughts

with many possible destinations.

Stating from the start some trains of thought

are not for the faint of heart.

Now Boarding by Veronica Thornton, from Train of Thoughts. September 2021. Used by permission of the author.

About the Author

Veronica Thornton a.k.a. Vee is a writer/poet from Cleveland, Ohio, who loves all things artistic. Her observations of life and how things connect along with her childhood skin issues caused her to look beyond the surface while seeing different perspectives which she expresses in her poetry.

Vee has contributed to several publications nationwide, using her writing skills to assist local nonprofits and small businesses with literary content for both business and creative purposes through her consulting business. She recently released her second book, Train of Thoughts, a collection that includes essays, short stories, and poetry.



Instagram: @philosophyinpoetry

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