National Chemistry Week

Hands-on science experiments for students in grades 2-6

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National Chemistry Week involves fun, hands-on activities that let you get close to the action! In 2022, in partnership with the American Chemical Society's Cleveland Section, we offered virtual and in-person programs to foster interest in science and chemistry.

How it works

The program is a contest consisting of fun, age-appropriate chemistry experiments. Students answered questions at the end of each experiment and submitted their answers along with a picture of an item they created.


Prizes were awarded to the top three submissions in each grade.

  • 1st Place - $100
  • 2nd Place - $75
  • 3rd Place - $50

The initials of the winners from each grade level are below:

Grade 2

First Place: F.H.
Second Place: C.H.
Third Place: K.W.

Grade 3

First Place: S.S.
Second Place: L.H.
Third Place: A.B.

Grade 4

First Place: M.M.
Second Place: B.C.
Third Place: M.G.

Grade 5

First Place: M.G.
Second Place: S.K.
Third Place: A.P.

Grade 6

First Place: M.M.
Second Place: E.M.
Third Place: J.G.

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