Public Participation Policy

Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Board of Trustees welcomes public input in its deliberations and recognizes both the importance of public comment on issues before the Board and of members of the community expressing their views on matters of interest to Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL).

The Board of Trustees is committed to conducting its meetings in a civil, orderly, efficient and productive manner designed to allow the Board’s regular agenda to be completed in a reasonable period of time and for a fair and adequate opportunity for public input to be considered. Consequently, public participation at Board meetings will be governed by the following principles:

  • Public participation at Board meetings is limited to the public comment portions of the meeting as indicated in the published agenda. At all other times during a Board meeting, the audience will not be recognized by the Board unless specifically requested to do so by the President of the Board (or other presiding officer).
  • Persons wishing to address the Board must be physically present and, prior to the beginning of the meeting, register their name, address, agenda topic (if addressing an agenda item), or other topic of CCPL interest, in a log kept for that purpose.
  • Each person addressing the Board is limited to three minutes. This time limit may be extended or further limited by a vote of the Board.
  • Persons addressing the Board are expected to observe a level of civility and decorum appropriate for a public meeting, and refrain from vulgar, profane, repetitive or harassing remarks, or personal attacks against any person. The President of the Board (or other presiding officer) may terminate any presentation deemed not to adhere to these standards.

Adopted by the Cuyahoga County Public Library Board of Trustees on July 22, 2014