Confidentiality of Records

Cuyahoga County Public Library recognizes that its circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users with specific materials are confidential in nature. No such records are made available to any agency of state, federal or local government, or to any individual not specifically authorized by the Cuyahoga County Public Library Executive Director, except pursuant to federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigatory power.

Upon receipt of such process, order or subpœna, the Cuyahoga County Public Library Executive Director consults with legal counsel to determine if such process, order or subpœna is in proper form, and if there is a showing of good cause for its issuance in a court of competent jurisdiction to determine whether compliance with such process, order, or subpœna is mandatory.

Adopted by the Cuyahoga County Public Library Board of Trustees, 1983.