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26 June, 2018: Robert McDonough

Robert E. McDonough has published No Other World (Cleveland State University Poetry Center) and Greatest Hits (Pudding House Press), as well as numerous poems in little magazines and anthologies. During his twenty-nine years on the Board of Trustees of the Poets' League of Greater Cleveland, he served as secretary, vice-president and president of the organization. During his twenty years as member of the Board of Managers of the Rainey Institute, he served two terms as chairman of the board. He now serves on the Board of Directors of the Just Poets of Rochester, NY. He taught English for more than forty years at Cuyahoga Community College's Metropolitan Campus and is now Professor Emeritus. He spends most of his time at his home in the Finger Lakes region of New York State with his partner, the poet Maril Nowak, but he does return often to Ohio for old friends, poetry workshops, and Cleveland Indians baseball.

1. "Playground" from No Other World (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1988).

2. "Bonnie’s Daughter’s Funeral" from Whiskey Island Magazine (Fall 2006).

3. "Résumé" from the minnesota review (Fall 1995-Spring 1996).

4. "Honors Student"

5. "Mind and Body"

6. "Treasurer"

7. "Fred’s Books"

8. "Old Friends"

9. "Severe Thunderstorm Warning"

10. "Words for a Daughter and Granddaughters" from No Other World (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1988).