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05 July, 2017: Michael Garriga

A native of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Michael Garriga comes from a long line of Creole outlaws and storytellers. He’s worked as a bartender, shrimp picker, and a sound man in a blues bar. He has published The Book of Duels, which includes the selection below. Now he earns his keep teaching writing to the sons and daughters of Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and two boys.

1. “Pistols at Twenty Paces: Lacroix v. Thigpen”

2. “Etiene Thigpen, 46, Veteran, US Artillery Division”

3. “Mrs. Etiene Thigpen, (née Mary Annette Cuevas), 18, Watching Her Husband Duel”

4. “Into the Greasy Grass: Custer v. Ska”

5. “Ptebloka Ska (a.k.a. White Cow Bull), 28, Oglala Sioux Warrior”

6. “Mitch Bouyer, 39, Custer’s Chief of Scouts, Half French & Half Sioux”

7. “Peleas de Gallo: Caesar v. I Am”

8. “I Am, 26 Months, O’Neal Red, 4.07 lbs, Record: 6-0”

9. Acknowledgment of CPAC