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11 July, 2017: Mary Doria Russell

Widely praised for meticulous research, fine prose, and the compelling narrative drive of her stories, Mary Doria Russell is the award-winning author of six bestselling novels, including the science fiction classics The Sparrow and Children of God; the World War II thriller, A Thread of Grace; and a political romance set in 1921 Cairo called Dreamers of the Day. With her latest novels, Doc and Epitaph, Russell has redefined two towering figures of the American West: the lawman Wyatt Earp and the dental surgeon Doc Holliday. The daughter of a sheriff, Mary grew up with cops and guns but also holds a Ph.D. in biological anthropology from the University of Michigan and taught anatomy at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry.

1. Prologue from The Sparrow (Ballantine, 1996)

2. Prologue from Doc (Ballantine, 2011)

3. Prologue from Epitaph (Ecco, 2015)

4. Prologue from A Thread of Grace (Random House, 2005)