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24 July, 2018: Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon
Laura Grace Weldon is the author of a poetry collection titled Tending (Aldrich Press) and a handbook of alternative education, Free Range Learning (Hohm Press). She has written poetry with nursing home residents, used poetry to teach conflict resolution, and painted poems on beehives although her work appears in more conventional places such as One, J Journal, Penman Review, Verse Daily, Literary Mama, and others. Connect with her at or on Facebook.

1. "Earthbound" from Writing for Peace (May 2015)

2. "Summer Day at Huntington Beach" from Silver Birch Press (2016)

3.  "Subdural Hematoma" from Neurology: Journal of the American Academy of Neurology (May 2018)

4. "Forgetting Names" from Dressing Room Poetry Journal (2012)

5. "Perfectly Good" from Tending (Aldrich Press, 2013)

6. "Inside Out" from One (May 2018)