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03 October, 2017: Krysia Orlowski

Krysia Orlowski lives and writes in Cleveland, Ohio. Her work has appeared in Barn Owl Review, Dressing Room Journal, Helen, jubilat, and RealPoetik. She teaches at Cleveland State University and is the recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award 2016 for poetry.

1. "Every forty seconds I am distracted by random bursts of hope"

2. "You'd be surprised at the size of the gloves my mind straps on"

3. "Said the half-worm to his other half—Let's divide and conquer this"

4. "Which mother witch"

5. "At the hospital opening the new wing"

6. "There is no difference between me and my shadow"

7. "Some say the world will end in fire" (Barn Owl Review Number 7)

8. "You may want to call ahead to the nearest emergency room" (Dressing Room Journal)

9. "Corpse, Song"