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07 May, 2019: John Burroughs

John Burroughs
John Burroughs is a nationally-touring poet and performer from Parma, Ohio, and the author of over a dozen books including Loss and Foundering, Water Works, Electric Company, Barry Merry Baloney and The Eater of the Absurd. In various past lives, John served as playwright-in-residence for the Ministry of Theatre at Marion Correctional Institution, his blog was ranked #1 in several categories on MySpace, he won the first poetry slam he ever competed in, and he co-founded the infamous monthly Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza and almost-annual Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest. John has edited Cheap and Easy Magazine, the Oct Tongue poetry series and two volumes each of the Best Cleveland Poetry Competition and Hessler Street Fair Poetry anthologies. Since 2008, John has served as the founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press, publishing over 100 books by some of the world's most important writers.

1. "Karma Souptra" from 6/9: Improvisations in Dependence (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2009).

2. "Mark This" from The Eater of the Absurd (Night Ballet Press, 2012).

3. "No Other" from Gasconade Review, 2018.

4. "A Wrinkle in Time" from It Takes More Than Chance to Make Change (Poet’s Haven Press, 2013).

5. "Unfounded" from Loss and Foundering (Night Ballet Press, 2018).

6. "Lens" from The Eater of the Absurd (Night Ballet Press, 2012).

7. "Bloodshot" from Bloggerel (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2008).