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17 October, 2017: Ali McClain

Ali McClain is a poet, educator, consultant and youth advocate. She directs one of the City's most successful after school and summer program for girls ages 10-18 at West Side Community House. Ali has been writing and performing poetry for over 15 years. She has taught and performed at Playhouse Square, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Juvenile Detention Center, various schools throughout Cuyahoga county and elsewhere. She is the co-founder of acerbic, which is an arts collective dedicated to providing a safe and resourceful home to artists of color. She is currently working on her first collection of poetry and is a current graduate student for poetry at Cleveland State University's NEOMFA program. Her work has appeared in A Race Anthology: Dispatches and Artifacts From a Segregated City and in the Academy of American poets.

1. "Kinsman"

2. "You Woulda Loved"

3. "Fold"

4. "At a Pool Hall in Cleveland"

5. "Order of Service"

6. "Black Anthropologist"

7. "The Daily Walk"

8. "After School"

9. "Hood Stroll"