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Pachelbel's Canon

15 April, 2021: Pachelbel's Canon

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Pachelbel's Canon

By Doc Janning

Awaken the Strings


The Canon’s Whisper,

The Palette

of a

Gentle Breeze,

and the


In the Shade of a Song.

“Pachelbel’s Canon” by Doc Janning from The Cyril A. Dostal Poetry Workshop 46th Anniversary Celebration anthology. Cuyahoga County Public Library online publication. 2019. Used by permission of the author.
Doc Janning, the 77-year-old inaugural Poet Laureate of South Euclid, Ohio, is a poet, author, educator, longtime Scout leader, and retired podiatrist. He is the creator-moderator of Second Sunday Poets, a poetry reading and open mic sponsored by the William N. Skirball Writers’ Center at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library. His poetry has also been published in the Lyndhurst Life Magazine, and in anthologies from the 2020 Edith Chase Symposium, Lake Erie Ink, the Cyril A. Dostal Poetry Workshop and York (UK) Spoken Word. Doc has recently been a Featured Reader for OBhéal Poetry in Cork, Ireland.

Write a Poem

What is a scent (or taste) you love that others hate? Write about the intensity of your feeling for the scent (or taste) and about your personal history with it.

Lola Farron
Oregano oil:
Hate its burn but good for me.
Intense penetration under the tongue.
Ward off viruses...
Kill bugs galore.
No one believes COVID might be destroyed.
Prefer a vaccine, huh?
Oregano oil...
Hate its burn but love its performance.
4/17/2021 2:13:04 PM

Sierra Polsinelli
The Smell

I love its smell
Dried pine leaves on the ground
the smell of pine and dust

It sneaks up on me
and I travel back in time

it’s rich, heady smell
takes me to the mountains
where I used to dwell.

I travel back to the forest
that was our home
our last one together.

I love its smell
where else it can take me
only time will tell
4/15/2021 6:42:49 PM

Maureen--awesome memories; they float like wet leaves and make spring seem like it might actually happen!
4/15/2021 5:44:35 PM

Bill Ritz...awesome poem--I kept thinking of "Dead Skunk In The Middle of the Road--Stinking to High Heaven" ! Made me nostalgic for former-good-hippie days!
4/15/2021 5:42:33 PM

Elise Panehal--loved your poem! It reminded me of the magnolias that were tethered to my south euclid tree last week--today they are floating in the air and falling asleep on the lawn like a wet, pink blanket!
4/15/2021 5:38:58 PM

Bill Ritz
Excellent, Tovli ! I once kissed the sky. Now I feel like licking the moon for a taste of the words which describe it! Frosty, cool, full, and mellow: so satisfying!
4/15/2021 5:35:38 PM

RE: Pachelbel's Canon
Such a gentle breeze of a poem-song. Successfully contrasting shade and light it seemed! Enjoyed reading it!
4/15/2021 5:16:50 PM

Opposing Scents--Opposing Tastes: An Acrostic:

Poem Day 15 Prompt: Opposing scents and tastes

Once discreet, like sifted-flour Mama sprinkled on carp,
Poetry has its little scent:
Profoundly melodious, a congenial breeze raising salt water above its head,
Oily, resembling Chinese-lily air until
Something slips inside me; a wad of promising alphabets
Impossible to gather, or trace parochial origin and flavor.
Noise? It’s no surprise. All island-words are noisy,
Gathered, tasted; baked into yeast-raised breezes we decide are valuable:

Smear butter across the sky, step back…
Can you see the poem, or do you smell its favorite word?
Entice me. Let it drip.
Now, let me imagine how air might taste,
Tiny, sky words
Scenting up the universe.

And once we settle in with the rest of the crowd,
Night skies might cool the poet the way salted-carp broiled with oil lasts forever.
Dawn? It smells too. Plummeting like kisses or fatty, puffed up biscuits.

Today, there is no hunger
Among the stars, the suns; we have fewer words;
Separated plates, dinners we’ve missed or forgotten to drink.
Taste? A poem can discriminate, savor or nibble until the poet dreams
Everything the universe will ever imagine, then we’ll…
Snap in two like a crisp blade of asparagus, or perhaps an artichoke.

© Tovli 2021
4/15/2021 5:13:31 PM

Bill Ritz
What’s That Smell?

What’s that smell?
Is something burning in my car?
Wait - it’s a skunk!
And it can’t be too far.

The smell is getting worse-
I see it ahead in my lane.
Now I can’t get around it;
Oh what a colossal pain!

Go real slow, careful not to splash!
Close the vents, and turn off the air.
Stratal the thing, best as you can.
Oh what a sight:
blood, guts and hair!
4/15/2021 2:40:51 PM

Mary M Chadbourne
It's brave to take on an icon--these impressions bearing the synesthesia in the listener.
4/15/2021 12:03:08 PM

Two things come to mind when I think of scents that others may not appreciate so much. The first one was sen sen, a strong licorice smelling type of slivery lozenge that baby boomers ate as kids. A cousin in Sudbury, at a funeral in 2019 gave me gum called Thrills with the same scent and taste that she said we chewed as kids. I appreciated her remembering and thoughtfulness.

The other scent, you can really laugh at, is a horse barn. Why? I remember the first time I visited such a barn at my Dad's Mennonite home in Saskatoon, Langham area, Saskatchewan. Watching my cousin, Darryl's, girlfriend ride a horse with such pleasure made the time there meaningful and exciting....

Two interesting scents, two memorable events, two beloved cousins on both sides of the family; all great memories combined...
4/15/2021 10:29:24 AM

Elise Panehal
I inhaled the scent of these pink floating wonders hanging from a tree in Queens, NY. They seem so fragile but could weather NY. Now I’m in Cleveland, Ohio and I must grow one and gift several to my kids to experience! Unearthly, radical beauty. My Creator must have been having a breathtaking day when creating this lovely flowering tree! Elise
4/15/2021 10:08:59 AM

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