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06 April, 2021: Honeybee

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By Star Anderson

Looking out of my window
I take in the big picture
Bathed in the sun's pink glow
Lost in nature's scripture

In pursuit of purpose a lone bee
Moves from one flower to another
Seeming to hover languidly
Providing and taking succor

The individual is the collective
One mind one body one soul
So, no one ever questions
Working toward a common goal

Crazy to think a honeybee swarm
May hold the key to our survival
In the midst of this global warm
Pray our hands not remain idle

"HoneyBee" by Star Anderson, from Under the Blossom that Hangs on the Bough: Pollination Poems. Ed. RC Wilson. Kent State University, Wick Poetry Center. 2020. Used by permission of the author.
Star Anderson began writing at an early age and over the years continued writing and honing her craft. She eventually combined her love of music to produce song lyrics and enhance the lyricism of her poetry. Star often performs at local venues and has been published in many print and digital publications. For the past year Star has shared her talents via social media with the goal of growing her audience in anticipation of releasing her first book of poetry. She also enjoys other artists’ work for invaluable mutual feedback and support. Find her on Facebook at @Staranderson01 and at these sites: Instagram: @Staranderson01, LinkedIn: @Star Anderson, Twitter: @Star_Anderson01, and YouTube: @Star Anderson Poetry

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Begin a poem with the arrival of an unexpected package.
Breonna Shepherd
Old Self

If I can talk to my old self I wonder how would she react to the new me
My old self was not in the right mindset
My old self never knew how to accept the flaws in life
My old self hid the pain and depression for as long as she could
My old self was not please with herself
My old self did not know how love herself and put herself before others
My old self always kept her feelings towards herself
My old self never knew how to the love herself
But, the new me the better and improve me does the opposite
So dear old self keep fighting until you make a breakthrough
6/4/2021 7:45:12 AM

Diamond M.
An unknown package has arrived
As I start to look outside
My anxiety starts to rise.
The unknown package makes me thrive
I wonder what will be inside
I really love a surprise
Maybe it's from one of the guys
Standing down the street waving "Hi"
I try to wonder why
they would give me a surprise
5/11/2021 1:59:27 AM

An unexpected package arrives at my door.
I dont remember ordering from a store.
Im terrified
i wonder where it came from
and what they had in stored?
Is it a gift?
is it clothes?
It must have to be something i forgot i ordered
I suppose
5/8/2021 9:33:29 PM

Mckinzy Ledford
Sitting on my living room couch as i watch tv. Everything is calm until the dog goes crazy. I walk to the door and it is amazon. Amazon? I didnt order anything... Mom did you order something? No one seems to know where it came from. Do I open it? I mean it has my name on it? What could it possibly be? I decide to put my fear aside. And inside was a great surprise....
5/8/2021 9:28:33 PM

carmen glaspy
A package just arrived
I know i didn't order it
is it a gift? a mistake?
it could be shoes or a new outfit
i get the box and open it carefully
there is something inside
they are keys to a vehicle
but there isnt one outside
i press the button and hear a loud beep
i look out the window
and see a new car coming down the street
i am very excited
i am very pleased
an unexpected package
i am happy to receive.
5/4/2021 10:24:42 AM

Autumn Matthews
An unexpected package arrived today
I worry! it has rips and tears
something about it reminds me of my fear
could it be from the little lady who lives far down by the mere
A fear is a Fear, and this i know
But when i look inside, i can't believe what it shows
it deceived me once before
i kicked the package to the side
now i'm relieved to put my fear aside
5/1/2021 12:36:12 PM

Andrew Easterling
An unexpected package

I never thought I’d see you here

When you come up to me, my heart does a little cheer

Time stops when we kiss

Our lips never miss

I thought love like this only happens in the movies

But now I’m the director, so I’ll get to see

An unexpected package, it’s so amazing

My love for you is much greater, but for now I'm paraphrasing
4/20/2021 11:58:29 AM

An unexpected package at my door
An unexpected gift
Or an unexpected curse
Unexpected is the box
What unexpected wonders does it have
What unexpected horror may it have
Do I open the unexpected box
Or do I leave the unexpected box lone
Untouched the unexpected box cant harm me
Untouched the unexpected bow cant help me
Alone I leave the unexpected box
Unexpected and alone the box shall stay
4/20/2021 11:52:41 AM

A mystery box appeared on my doorstep
Wonder who it's for
Wonder what can it be
Came out of nowhere
Opened it
It was for me
Just forgot I ordered some clothes
4/20/2021 11:42:55 AM

I got a box yesterday.
It didn't have a name or an address.
I'm too afraid to open it but I know it has to be something great.
The ghosts of my past tell me not to open it,
But the regrets from the future tell me that I should.
There is no angel and devil on my shoulder.
Only my time and thoughts.
4/20/2021 11:35:12 AM

Nakiyah Blair
Outside sits the little white package,
As I stand outside in my new jean jacket,
Then I wonder what could be inside,
Only God knows what awaits inside,
Rips and tears the package plastic falls off,
Little that I knew inside was a small mouse that took off.
4/20/2021 11:29:53 AM

Caitlyn B
Unexpected Package

I didn't know it was coming
Until the day it arrived
But you knew it was coming
Why didn't you tell me sooner
About this unexpected package
That brought me nothing but a broken heart
4/20/2021 11:26:09 AM

Alia Haywood
A bundle of joy arrived at my door,
more beautiful than anything I've seen before.
I did not know where it originated, an unfit parent from which it must've been donated.

Hoisting the precious bundle, infecund.
I bear my boon,a new addition to the lineage of Rundle.

Liberated from my melancholy.

Thank you, Lord.
4/20/2021 11:16:00 AM

For weeks i wondered what could it be
I thought to myself could it be this ,could it be that
Nah it couldn't be
It came so unexpectedly
I cried and cried
Because how could this be
In the end the package is open
No it's not what i wanted it to be
But it showed me that i need to open my eyes
And choose what's best for me
4/20/2021 11:04:15 AM

Khamal C
How could it be I received a package and it was me
Well not exactly, but when u see me you can’t ask me what it is
Im not a fan of many kids but it is what is
My first born baby boy bought him some fun and crazy toys
Till they took him away from me
They said I was only seventeen so I need to build my self esteem, before I take care of one
They said a boy is not a gun
I’m no longer living lavage they said it’s a baby not a savage
So farewell to my unexpected package
4/20/2021 11:03:06 AM

Antonio E
Date 2016
I woke up to some bad news.
I tried to sleep it off
but it wouldn't let me
it was something I never thought
that would happen
it was a unexpected package.
4/20/2021 9:30:15 AM

Jordan K
A small brown box
Perched on the steps
A mystery

Asked around the house
No one ordered anything

I open it
Pictures of loved ones
All long gone

Memories come flooding
Tears come pouring
Emotions overflowing

A gift it was
To see some faces
I will never see again
4/16/2021 12:17:07 PM

Boom I open the door, there is a package staring at me
I think to myself and I wonder what it could be
I look down the street so see if any of my neighbors are watching
But crust is all I see because I did not get any sleep
I grab the box but the material feels cheap
Take it into the house
What would it be
Oh,Damn it's just my mom tea
4/16/2021 11:50:10 AM

Saamia W.
What a not so Wonderful Day

It’s a Rainy day, Nowhere to stay
Tires screeched what a not so wonderful day
Knocking at the door, so alarmed
This package so large
Heart aching, palms shaking
I wonder what is awaiting
I opened the box to be awaken
By a enormous snake rattling and shaking
What a surprised so mistaken who could of left this package
Remaining calm I backed away, waiting to see what I was facing
Leaving the door closed, I backed to come back
And find that the snake has escaped
4/16/2021 11:49:04 AM

An unexpected package.

The year of 2017,
It was a death of three.
Nobody knew it was coming, but it left others with broken hearts and tears.
4/16/2021 11:41:56 AM

The box was left on my porch unexpectedly,
I opened it up and a toy fell out,
This was a surprise that I wasn't expecting
The toy made a noise which made my dog bark loud

It was green and gold and I didn't recall buying it,
I showed it to my dog and she didn't like it,
The toy was now just a dust collector,
And now I think this box was sent from an unknown sender
4/16/2021 11:38:16 AM

Shannon D.
Tires screech an engine stops
A man in blue with a package
Due to 2020 I watch and peer
seeing it placed at my door.
What is it I wonder, did anyone order
Maybe a gift how thoughtful
Unexpected packages are full of surprises
I examine carefully full of anticipation
It’s safe and I bring it in
A gift from a friend, what we all need right now
The gift of kindness YES!
My favorite!
Unexpected package, blessing in disguise 😊
4/9/2021 12:57:25 PM

at 21 years
it still doesn't get easier
I still miss having you around
if you ask me,
the box
was pretty but
blatantly void of you
4/8/2021 12:29:36 AM

An Unexpected Package

It came unexpectedly
With no return address
A small item
to count my heartbeats
and measure my soul
Will it tell me
-Who I love?
-How much I love?
-How many miles I have walked today
and what I found in my exploration?
A small item
but one that shows
the anxious concern
of my daughter-in-law
during this uncertain time
4/7/2021 1:19:27 PM

The package arrived battered and tattered and torn.
Unsure of what was inside I moved around it,
Cautiously examining all sides.
Would it explode?
Would it poison me?
Would my life change forever if I looked inside?
It sat for days, and weeks, and months, and years,
Until I combed gray hair.
Until I walked with stooped shoulders.
Finally, as my days dwindled I decided to open the package, cutting the twine that bound it and carefully tearing away the brown paper wrapper that had begun to crumble with age.
Inside were my dreams, those that I cherished as a young woman, those that I had never visited again once I "grew up."
And I cried for the time I had lost, for the adventures I had not lived, for the me that never was.
4/7/2021 10:46:42 AM

Ashleigh Schwochow
I heard your words and they bounced in my head for hours, minutes, days, an infinite everlasting eternity of time.

I’ve ruminated them, over chewed them, spat them up, redigested them, and let them tie knots in the pit of my stomach.

And when the words try to come out of my mouth, they’re just as twisted as the knots that were holding them.

Just when you think you have all the moves figured out, one unexpected delivery of words strung together in an unfortunate way is enough to remind you of your infallibility.

It’s too easy to forget what this feels like when the world is right, so for all those in between please rest easy and sleep tight.
4/6/2021 11:12:41 PM

Saw the pictures
Modesty force my eyes closed
Before I peeked again
Giggling, curious

Picture worth 1,000 words
Still can't tell the whole story
The sight, yes
But what about touch, taste and smell?

Drive some crazy
Control over many
No turning back
Savor every moment

Long time coming
Long time since I last
Long time unit I
Again open that beauty
4/6/2021 10:44:38 PM

A Package Arrived

(A Skinny Poem)

A package arrived, unexpectedly, near the door. I almost tripped.


I almost tripped. A package arrived. Unexpectedly, close to the door.

© Tovli 2021
4/6/2021 3:42:07 PM

Erroll H
Unexpected Delivery (Deliver Me)

I don't remember
the order, but I'm glad
it came. Full hands, full hearts.
Amazon, our modern God.
4/6/2021 1:56:35 PM

Mary M Chadbourne
Star, I admire the accessibility of your poem and its crucial message. Its appeal to child or adult in its rhythms, rhymes, and focus, here in April, speak to the need for love of all, great and small, to stay whole.
4/6/2021 1:08:18 PM

Sierra Polsinelli
A surprise Package

It was unexpected,
by its source and by its content.
A journey into my past.

Childhood treasures
well worn.
She saved them all this time?
Childhood letters
long forgotten.
Did she cry when she read them?
Childhood memories
the last remnants.
Was this her last hold on our past?

Some I kept.
A reminder.
There were some happy times.
Best to remember those.
4/6/2021 11:34:48 AM

Bill Ritz
Forgotten Order

I had forgotten the order.
It was placed in the mail last year.
Now this small box was delivered,
and where it has been is not clear.

Tearing it open: first filler.
Then papers not welcome to read.
Oh, where is the full collection
Of meaningless stuff of no need?

Alas, at the very bottom;
How can this be the complete set?
After all this time in waiting,
Is this all I’m supposed to get?

Oh, such a terrible ripoff.
What a waste of my money spent.
If ever I learn this lesson:
What is wanted is seldom sent.
4/6/2021 11:32:22 AM

I enjoyed the poem as it evolks thoughts of the change in seasons. A hopeful air summer around the corner. Just as some are aware of the collapse of bee populations and the existential threat humans face. The choice of the nonthreating honeybee was clever. We continue to work hard and industrious as a 'busy bee'. Building to an ending with a plea to consider working toward our survival.
4/6/2021 11:00:15 AM

Carol Laursen
It seemed to come from nowhere,
but how could it? It
came from the moment before.

Womb of this moment
nestled in all the movements
that precede the arrival
of a small brown package.

Movements of mind,
of hands cutting and folding
the left over sack,
taping to make the protective
skin that holds the name.

My name, together with a number
and an unfamiliar city, brings
the rounded balls of sugar, eggs and flour,
transformed by temperatures that would
melt my skin, her skin, our skin.

The gift of a mother
who didn’t want me to
4/6/2021 10:45:52 AM

sharon bell
Turtle in a Box

The box was sitting on my desk
Nothing remarkable,
Postmarked Pakistan.
I worked through the layers.
Packages on my desk were nothing new.
I cut through tape,
opened flaps,
dug through stiff brown paper.
To find a smaller box,
the size that a ring might come in.
So now things,
were getting more interesting.
I slowed down,
lifted the lid.
A small bronze turtle.
Intricately molded,
funny face,
stared up from,
crinkly gold paper.
A turtle…
Only one person,
A turtle…
And I finally knew.
A long ago lover,
who had to leave.
Still thought of me.
4/6/2021 10:41:16 AM

"The individual is the collective
One mind one body one soul
So, no one ever questions
Working toward a common goal"
Our country's citizens should be like bees.
4/6/2021 10:24:52 AM

Leigh-Anne M Dennison
This is a beautiful poem, and I appreciate both the meaning and the creative structure. I am wondering if the word "do" is missing from the final line -- as it would help with both meter and meaning. If it is a poetic choice, I understand -- just curious.
4/6/2021 10:21:33 AM

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