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Paintbrush Left Overnight on the Ground Asana

16 April, 2015: Paintbrush Left Overnight on the Ground Asana


by Ted Lardner
Paintbrush Left Overnight on the Ground Asana
My wife’s yoga teacher talks about sunlight — fire like the sun’s —
entering the body through the solar plexus. I picture the cells,
some of them sobbing like old housepainters. “Hey,” they start
up. “We’re burning daylight.” Tiny brushers. Dangling like leaves
in the ash tree’s top, rinsed in cold light, the cells shoulder tiny
shadows, carry them, laddering up the walls of the house. Lift-
ing damp tarps in early morning, they whistle, placing the light.
My wife holds our son when he cries. She lets his body practice
remembering her heat, the outline of his foldable self. Sometimes
they sing. The parts they don’t know, they fake it.
“Paintbrush Left Overnight on the Ground Asana” by Ted Lardner from Tornado. Kent State University Press, 2008. Used by permission of the author.
Ted Lardner teaches yoga at Cleveland Yoga and is a professor of English at Cleveland State University. His chapbook, Tornado, is available as an e-book from Kent State University Press. His chapbook, We Practice for It, won the 2013 Sunken Garden Poetry Award and is available from Tupelo Press.


Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

Look up a poem you love or hate and read it. Now write a poem in response to it: a parody, an imitation, or an answer.

Jim Rehlender
Inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley's "The Flight of Love."

Love Dies

The wind breathes softly through the trees,

Leaves are whispering “run to her.”

But love’s flame flickers in the night
And unspent kisses on the floor
Are melting in the fading light,
They wash her memory from my sight.

Twilight blue is all I see,
Shadows where the light once gleamed.
Emptiness and hunger dim
A sweet caress I never spent,
Hanging like a broken limb
From trees that whisper “run from him.”

All I had was all I needed,
All the wonders love had freed are draining from my heart and soul
From wounds that will forever bleed.

The midnight in my mind reveals
No moon or stars or shadows deep.
My heart’s a cavern, damp and cold,
Love lies smoldering in the rain.
The shrouds of loneliness unfold
To mask “I love you’s”, never told.
4/18/2015 12:01:09 AM

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