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It is a poem's own dirty breath

28 April, 2015: It is a poem's own dirty breath


by Ben Gulyas
It is a poem's own dirty breath
that floats above all,
floats among
all the beauty
left uncleansed like a layer of dreams
and unrelenting in its ungraspable memory
crusted hands with ash bone paint
and old iron stove buried under the viaduct —
iron red and slivers of trash
embracing the valley
and the alleyways,
pushed up muck
for that scent of time ...
and let's not forget
Henry's steamer train and all those
dancing hats
like poems and smoke
to shrug it off
but never quite wash away —

a poem's dirty breath left behind
like a century of steam oil
that warms the black birds
just a little,
the crust of the pie
the crumb that speaks,
that sings
before the broom changes the tune ...

“It is a poem’s own dirty breath” by Ben Gulyas, from Cleveland Poetry Scenes. Bottom Dog Press, 2008. Used by permission of the author.

Ben Gulyas is a dweller in birds and libraries – libraries of course being that human current of water, star light, legs striding towards some horizon of chance, library books long lost in the mysterious Hat of Mr. Rabbit. Ben has tried for years to translate poetry into something useful like carrots and atlases of the moon. Sometimes it happens. Birds inside libraries, libraries inside birds, the poet person in between.


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Tricia Knoll
Your biography is another poem in itself. Good job.
4/28/2015 2:20:36 PM

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