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23 April, 2015: Invalide


by RA Washington
days after The Zimmerman
expecting riots
in the shook faces
we remembered
our boys are not horrible
our boys are just not valued
our boys can still be killed
and murderers can be set free
under the scrutiny of creole testimony

it's shocking to know that it persists
anger is not enough
grief makes it worse i'd say
i see our boys
wonder how they seem to still be
playful, trusting
we do nothing
our boys have never been valued
we could never protect them

“Invalide” by RA Washington, from The Paris Notebooks. NightBallet Press, 2015. Used by permission of the author.

RA Washington is a poet, musician, theorist, artist, and author of at least two dozen books, the most recent being The Paris Notebooks. He moved to Cleveland from El Paso, Texas, as a teenager in 1989, and co-founded a bookstore called Guide to Kulchur on W. 65th Street in Cleveland.


A three-line poem can be challenging.

Write a three-line poem about something that is very large, such as a skyscraper, a whale, or a linebacker.
Cathy Rospotynski
Reaching high in the sky.
Gleaming in the sunlight at noon.
Towering over the sidewalk below.
4/24/2015 12:48:16 PM

Diane Kendig
Betty, thanks for putting it out there!
4/24/2015 9:27:09 AM

Betty Howell
My 3 line poem:
Wonderful person cares for others.
Dear friend includes me in her hurts.
Co-worker very enthusiatic and dedicated
4/23/2015 5:28:48 PM

Betty Howell
I am not a poet, but I would like to try.
4/23/2015 5:16:46 PM

Diane Kendig
Ra, thanks for this tough tough poem in these tough tough times, and thanks to Night Ballet for publishing it.
4/23/2015 11:19:10 AM

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