Our Library'S FUTURE

In November, Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) will be on the ballot for the first time in 12 years. Issue 70 will enable CCPL to continue to serve you as the nation’s top-rated public library system. 

What is Issue 70?

Issue 70 is a 1-mill continuing levy and will generate approximately $18 million annually. 

What will it cost?

Issue 70 will cost residents less than $3 per month (per $100,000 of home value). 

Why does the Library need more funding?

•Cuyahoga County Public Library’s current 2.5-mill levy is the lowest millage of any public library system in the county.
•The Library has not asked taxpayers for additional support since 2008; yet, during that time, revenue from local property taxes has decreased by 14%.
•The Library has cut costs year after year, reducing expenses by $4 million annually, but we have reached a point where additional cuts would drastically affect service. 

What will the Library do with the ADDITIONAL funding?

Issue 70 will enable the Library to:

•Continue to operate CCPL’s 27 branches.
•Maintain virtual services, which have been critical during the pandemic.
•Preserve evening and weekend hours for students and residents who need access to computers and a reliable Internet connection.
•Make necessary safety and security updates.
•Sustain a robust materials collection.
•Maintain critical services, like after-school homework help and training for job seekers.

What will happen if the issue fails?

•Cuts to open hours, likely closing some evenings and weekends.
•Reductions in virtual services.
•Facility maintenance schedules will be extended or deferred indefinitely.
•Reduced collection budget (coupled with increasing costs for in-demand material like eBooks) will mean much longer wait times.
•Scaled back services and fewer in-demand offerings that have higher per capita costs, such as technology certification classes and WiFi hotspot lending.


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