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grade 2 unit 4 — "beauty and the beast" part i

Welcome to Unit 4! Join Ms. Celia as she reads from "The Beauty and the Beast".


parent page

In this video for parents, Ms. Celia follows up on the story and shares tips and guidance to help your child make the most of 1-2-3 READ and become a more successful reader.


choice detectives

This is the fourth training session to help Choice Detectives learn to pause, consider the facts and make the best decisions they can!


activity sheets

 1a-1 | fairy tale chart 

 3b-1 | story sequencing 

 3b-1 | answer key


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Lalilo is an app that focuses on essential literacy skills like sight words, word families and letter-sound recognition. Students click through adaptive lessons while the teacher uses a dashboard to monitor whole-class and individual student progress on a range of literacy skills. There's great coverage of every letter sound and word family, and students also get practice reading stories. Students journey through different worlds and meet cartoon characters and along the way, they complete activities, read books, and progress on a well-structured learning path.