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grade 2 UNIT 1 — "the fisherman and his wife" by the brothers grimm

Welcome to 1-2-3 READ for Grade 2! Let's get started by watching and listening to a classic tale by The Brothers Grimm. 



In this video for parents, Ms. Celia shares tips and guidance to help your child make the most of 1-2-3 READ and become a more successful reader.


Activity sheets 

Click the buttons below to download the activity sheets for this 1-2-3 Read @ Home unit. 

 1A-2 | characters / setting activity 

 1a-3 | elements of stories chart ACTIVITY 

  1B-1 | story map activity 

  1B-2-1 | sequencing events activity 

 1B-2-2 | sequencing events activity 

 1B-2a-1 | sequencing events activity answer key 

 1B-2a-2 | sequencing events activity answer key 

 1B-4 | vocabulary list 



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