Bead Chain Curtain
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Multi-colored bead curtain when touched sets off waves of motion. Can be secured to any smooth surface by means of the attached suction cups.
Cheap Talk Communicator
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A self contained communication device. Equipped with one 1/8" jack to activate a device.
Soft Sorting Food Bags
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Different colored fabric bags filled with matching colored foods.
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Xylophone with carrying handle and wheels for push-about fun ; soft contours allow xylophone to rest comfortably on a child's lap. Attached, easy-to-hold striker ; "washboard" surface on back.
Mega Bloks Activity Table
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Children will spend hours building unlimited combinations of structures with Mega Bloks and the Build'n Go Table
Pretend Places - Backyard
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From hearing chirping bird sounds to playing peek-a-boo with the pup in the doghouse, this activity center toy is terrific for imaginative play featuring the Fisher Price Little People characters.
Activity Table
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Twice the activity in one table with simple activities on one side of the table surface; the reverse side reveals room for building blocks and underneath is a hidden shape sorter and storage.
Pull Along Chatter Telephone
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Early walkers will enjoy the action of a pull along toy with each step they take.
Textured Shapes Puzzle
50% Complete (success)
The 6 colorful shaped puzzle pieces that fit into the wooden base have inviting textures to encourage tactile, fine motor, and recognition skills.
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