Push and Walk Dancing Butterflies
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Colorful wooden butterflies dance with each turn of the wheels on this classic push toy to help develop coordination, balance and motor skills. PLEASE REMOVE HANDLE BEFORE PACKING IN BOX.
Deep Into The Forest
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Children can make up their own stories or use the enclosed cards; the challenge is to determine which animal is standing deeper in the forest. A toy that exercises imagination and depth perception.
Ride-on Big Dog Truck
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A toddler walker that’s also a ride-on and a dump truck!
Coin Cash Register - Toys
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Playful cash register is great for little hands. Go shopping and pick out what things you want to buy--for yourself and for others!
Giant Waffle Blocks
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Preschoolers can build 3D structures almost as tall as they are! Each piece is textured on one side for tactile stimulation and the shapes are even labeled in Braille. Helps children understand spatial and shape awareness along with learning cooperation and social interaction.
Magneatos Building Set
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Magnetic building pieces develop creativity skills.
Junior Village Stack & Count
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The colorful blocks are wonderful in helping children to develop their sort and stack skills with imaginative play. Perfect for developing color matching, dexterity and coordination.
Turn and Fit Turtle Shape Sorter
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More advanced than standard shape sorters, child turns the shell on the turtle’s back to form the correct shape then fits the block in the hole.
Unlock, Turn and Learn Shape Sorter
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More advanced than standard shape sorters, child “unlocks” the sorting tray using the center key then turns the tray to form the correct shape and fit the block in the hole.
Beginner Puzzles -  Places
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A set of two chunky and/or large knob first puzzles on a theme matching the title. Ideal for toddlers.
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