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Toys & bookable kits 


Visit our toy collectionCuyahoga County Public Library is committed to providing toys to engage, entertain and educate all ages and all abilities. Our collection includes more than 1,300 different toy titles, appropriate for developmental ages of 0-8 years. 

Every toy in our Toy Collection is carefully examined, cleaned and disinfected after every loan to assure that each is safe, sturdy and clean. For information about our Toy Collection, please contact your local CCPL branch or call our Youth Literacy and Outreach Department at 216.749.9525.

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Bookable KITS 

Puppets  |  Puppet Shows   |  Story Sets  |  Theme Kits  |  Big Books Plus  |  Accessories    

We offer a variety of theme kits and other bookable items designed to enhance the reading experience for all ages. Bookables are materials that you can reserve and have delivered to the local CCPL branch of your choice on a specific date.

To order bookable materials, please visit or call your local branch. To speed your transaction, read our Booking Guidelines then print and complete our printable Booking Request Form.    



From finger size to oversized, puppets come singularly, in pairs, or in multiple sets. Puppets can be used to introduce wildlife facts or to tell fictional stories using animal or people puppets that entertain and educate all ages. Supplemental materials such as portable flannel, magnetic and Velcro boards can be ordered separately — see Accessories.

Additionally, puppets and theaters can be requested from our Library catalog whenever they are available.

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Puppet Shows

Puppet show and Mini Puppet show scripts are based on folktales or classic children’s literature. Supplemental materials such as portable flannel, magnetic and Velcro boards can be ordered separately — see Accessories.

Puppet Shows include:

  • Book
  • Character Puppets
  • Script – Printed (Puppet Shows also include recorded script)
  • Props 
 Browse Puppet Shows (contact your local branch staff to book Puppet Shows)
 Printable List of Puppet Shows  



Story Sets

Single or multiple piece characters and props based on modern and classic children’s literature. Supplemental materials such as portable flannel, magnetic and Velcro boards can be ordered separately – see Accessories.

 Browse Story Sets (contact your local branch staff to book Story Sets)
 Printable List of Story Sets



Theme Kits

For all ages, learning and language levels, these kits are meant to introduce, enhance or review topics based on social science, mathematics and science.

Theme Kits include:

  • Activity Sheets – with suggested activities for the non-typical child
  • Books
  • CD
  • Support Materials – a toy, story characters and/or props
 Browse Theme Kits (contact your local branch staff to book Theme Kits)
 Printable List of Theme Kits       



Big Books Plus

Reserve a big book and other materials to help facilitate language and literacy skills.

Big Books Plus Kits include:

  • Big Book
  • Read-aloud Books
  • Character Cards
  • Music CD
  • Program Guide
 Browse Big Books Plus (contact your local branch staff to book Big Books Plus)
 Printable List of Big Books Plus



Bookable Program Accessories

Accessories can be used alone or to supplement any event, storytime, lesson or program.

    ► Browse Accessories (contact your local branch staff to book Accessories)
    ► Printable List of Accessories          



Booking Guidelines

Story kits, puppets and other bookable items may be booked up to one year in advance. Contact your local branch to book items.
  • Loan period = 1 week (non-renewable)
  • We need at least 2 business days to accommodate bookable requests.
To book an item you will need:
  • Your library card number
  • The title of the item
  • The date the item is needed
  • The branch where you will pick up the item

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