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Our opportunity cardholder category enables residents with fines/fees between $10.00 and $99.99 to check out up to three (3) items at a time and access the Library’s extensive digital collection of eBooks, eAudiobooks, streaming music, and more available on our website and through our app, which is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. Previously, residents with fines/fees in excess of $10.00 have been unable to check out material from Cuyahoga County Public Library.
If your library account has a fines/fees balance between $10.00 and $99.99 as of August 29, 2016, your account will automatically be transferred to “Opportunity Card” status. You do not have to take any action. When your fine/fee balance is reduced below $10.00, regular cardholder access will be restored.
Opportunity cards remove barriers to access and invite cardholders to revisit their library. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to continue to explore the vast resources, programs and services we have available at Cuyahoga County Public Library.