Meeting Rooms

Please read the Meeting Room Use policy and confirm at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Rooms
Cuyahoga County Public Library provides meeting space in its branches where groups can gather for cultural, civic, intellectual and informal educational engagement. To book a meeting room, please read and accept our policy and rules, then search for an available meeting room by branch, date and time.

General Policy
Most of Cuyahoga County Public Library’s branches have meeting rooms that are used primarily for library-related programming. When available, they can also be reserved in advance by non-commercial groups or individuals for cultural, civic, intellectual, and informal educational purposes. The Library reserves meeting rooms on a first-come, first-served basis, as scheduling permits.

The right of a group to meet in the public library does not constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by Cuyahoga County Public Library. The needs of the Library and its affiliates take precedence over those of other organizations. The Library reserves the right to limit use where the demands for meeting space so require and, when necessary, the Library will notify a group as soon as possible if its scheduled meeting room use needs to be canceled. 

Rules for Use
  1. All use of library meeting rooms must be approved by the library manager. The Library reserves the right to determine which room will best accommodate each group’s needs, and assign rooms accordingly.
  2. Groups reserving a meeting room in advance must consist of at least 5 individuals. Maximum attendance is determined by the local fire code as well as space and parking limitations. Groups of three or more may not reserve meeting rooms in advance but are permitted to use meeting room facilities on a first come first serve basis upon availability.  All those reserving or using a meeting room must fill out a written application.
  3. Meeting rooms are available for public use when the library is open, but must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of closing. (Monday-Thursday @ 8:45; Friday, Saturday @ 5:15; Sunday 4:45).  The Branch Manager or designee may terminate a meeting in progress for exceeding time limits, for violating this or any other library policy or in the case of an emergency.
  4. The maximum period of time during which a group may schedule a meeting room on a reoccurring basis is six months depending upon library planning needs as determined by the Branch Manager. To be fair to all, we reserve the right to limit groups to one meeting per month. 
  5. All groups utilizing a meeting room will be required to sign an agreement. The individual signing the agreement must be an adult, and is responsible for the orderly conduct of the group. In the event of any damage to library property and/or equipment, that individual will be liable. Young children accompanying adult users of the meeting room shall not be left unattended in the library. Minors are not permitted to use meeting rooms without adult supervision.
  6. Room set-up is each group’s responsibility. The room must be left in the condition in which it was found unless other instructions are given.
  7. Meetings planned as commercial endeavors or to advertise products or services are prohibited.
  8. Only the Library or the Friends of the Library may sponsor fund-raising activities in library meeting rooms. Purely social functions may be sponsored by the Library, the Friends of the Library, or as part of the on-going activities of groups that meet in the library regularly.
  9. All meetings are free and open to the public. Non-library groups are not permitted to engage in fund-raising activities, solicit donations or  charge fees or admission to programs held on library premises. Club dues and other shared costs within an organization are not considered fees. With Library approval educational entities may charge nominal tuition costs.
  10. The Library requires a count of the number of attendees at each meeting. The group leader is responsible to note attendance on the form posted in the meeting room.
  11. At some locations, kitchen facilities are available. Groups wishing to serve refreshments may do so at those locations. Each group is responsible for cleaning up after meeting room use. The serving of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on library premises. Smoking in all areas of the library is prohibited.
  12. Cancellation notice must be given at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to give notice may jeopardize future bookings.
  13. The library reserves the right to withdraw permission for meeting room use when conditions described in this policy warrant such action. Meetings must be conducted so as not to disturb others using the library. Groups which disturb library activities or library users will be denied future use of meeting rooms.
  14. Storage of equipment and/or supplies is not permitted in the library.
  15. The name, address, or telephone number of the library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization. The use of the meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply sponsorship of the group’s activities by the library.
  16. Except in cases of emergency, messages cannot be conveyed to meeting room participants or attendees.
  17. Library audiovisual equipment is available only upon prior reservation, and to groups which have an experienced operator of which make arrangements in advance for training if the library staff can accommodate such instruction. Equipment may vary by location.
  18. If you have any questions about scheduling and meeting room use, please contact your local branch.

I have read and agree with this policy and these rules for use.