3-D Print Request Form

To submit a 3-D printing request, please fill out the form below completely. We will contact you if we need any additional information. You will receive an email from the Innovation Center when your 3-D print job is completed.

For Your Information

  • We can only print .stl files. Limit of one file per request. File size must be less than 30MB.
  • We do all of our 3-D printing using Makerbot PLA filament.
  • Your print job will be ready within 7 business days from the time of submission.
  • The charge for 3-D filament is $0.10 per gram with a $1.00 minimum charge. We round charges up to the nearest gram.
  • Our Innovation Center staff will make up to three attempts to print your request. We do not charge for unsuccessful prints.
  • We will not modify your file. We print files exactly as they are submitted to us.
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