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This is our friend Auggie the Owl and his mama. Auggie has been visiting the library since he was a teeny tiny little owlet. As you explore Great Books for Kids we invite you to watch Auggie grow up and see all of the wonderful memories he has made at the library.


Ages Birth - 4

When Auggie was a tyke he made frequent trips to the library with Mama, which helped him develop important learning skills he needed to succeed in Kindergarten.  


Ages 5-8

The day Auggie got his first library card was a very special day indeed. It is his favorite possession because he can use it to enjoy thousands of books and movies, songs and so many other wonderful, amazing things.


Ages 9-11

Fix Me!

During summer break Auggie and his friends could always find something fun to do at the library. Here they are at a library summer camp learning how to build and program robots to do cool stuff.


Ages 12-14

After school, Auggie and his classmates liked to meet up at the library to get homework help. After their work was done they enjoyed playing video games together. For Auggie, the library was the perfect destination for fun and study.


Ages 15-18

As Auggie got a little older he spent a lot of time at the library doing research for his homework assignments. Sometimes, he took study breaks to jam in the library’s recording studio.



Welcome to Family Movie Night!

He is all grown up now, but Auggie still visits the library all the time with his little owlets. Here he is with his family, friends and neighbors enjoying popcorn and a free outdoor movie on the library’s nifty inflatable screen.



Auggie made so many great memories growing up at the library. Now he is making all new memories with his own little owlets. Here they are together, playing and learning their ABCs.