Toys and Story Kits

Toy Collection

Our Library is committed to developing children's literacy by engaging parents and children in stimulating and educational play. Our catalog lists toys for children ages birth to 10 years old, and includes toys adapted for those with special needs — available for adults, seniors, and for kids.  The toys are all safe, sturdy, and clean.

We offer more than 1000 different age appropriate toys,
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Every toy in our Toy Collection is carefully examined, cleaned and disinfected after every loan. For information about our Toy Collection, please call our Youth Literacy and Outreach Department at 216.749.9525 or contact your local branch.

Story Kits

We offer a variety of story kits and other bookable items designed to enhance the reading experience for all ages. What is a bookable? It's a word we use to describe materials that you can reserve and have delivered to the Cuyahoga County Public Library branch of your choice on a specific date. Our bookable collection comes in five different categories: 

Puppets   |     Puppet Shows     |     Story Sets    |     Theme Kits     |      Accessories    

To order a bookable, please visit or call your local branch. A bookable cannot be ordered through our online catalog. Before you place your order, please read our Booking Guidelines and complete our Printable Booking Request Form.


Our puppets range from finger-size to oversized (some are almost 3 feet long!). They come in singles, pairs and multiple sets. We also loan stages for puppets and puppet shows. 

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Puppet Shows

Our puppet show kits are based on classic folk tales. Each kit contains a folk tale book, character puppets, props, a printed script and a recorded script on CD. 

     ► Printable List of Puppet Shows       

Story Sets

We offer a variety of story sets based on modern and classic children’s literature (used with copyright permission, of course). Each story set includes a book and/or story sheet plus puppets or props to enhance your storytelling.

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     ► Printable List of Story Sets

Theme Kits

Our theme kits are excellent learning tools for the classroom and at home. The contents of each theme kit vary, but they typically include books, a CD, toys, puppets and activity sheets with rhymes, songs and other fun activities.  

      ► Printable List of Theme Kits


Last, but not least, we offer a variety of accessories to augment your storytime, puppet show or other youth program: 
  • ABC Mat
  • Alphabet Bean Bags
  • Alphabet – Flannel
  • Egg Shakers
  • Magic Cauldron
  • Mini RainShakers
  • Musical Instruments. Ukulele
  • Nursery Rhyme Flip Chart
  • Parachutes (6', 12', 20')
  • Portable Puppet Stage
  • Scarves
  • Sorting Tray Set
  • Story Wands
  • Table Top – Choose from: Flannel Board, Magnetic Board, Puppet Stage, Velcro Board
  • Tangrams
  • Wrist Ribbons 

Booking Guidelines

Story kits and other "bookable" items may be booked up to one year in advance.   Call your branch to book items.
  • Loan period = 1 week (non-renewable)
  • We need at least 2 business days to accommodate "bookable" requests.
To book an item you will need:
  • Your library card number.
  • The title of the item.
  • The date the item is needed.
  • The branch where you will pick up the item.