CCPL Opens “Opportunity” for All

CCPL Opens “Opportunity” for All

Release date: 8/26/2016

Cuyahoga County Public Library Opens "Opportunity" for All
Library creates new cardholder status for children and adult

The Cuyahoga County Public Library Board of Trustees recently approved a new cardholder category that enables residents with fines/fees between $10 and $99.99 to check out up to three (3) items at a time and access the Library’s extensive digital collection of eBooks, eAudiobooks, streaming music, and more available on its website and through its new app. The cardholder category is also available to children and adults who previously could not obtain a library card because they lacked the proof of residency or parent signature (if a minor) necessary to complete a library card application. The Opportunity Card cardholder category will be available beginning Monday, August 29th.
At Cuyahoga County Public Library, we believe that the best way to build an active and engaged cardholder base is to remove barriers to access and invite residents to revisit their library,” says Sari Feldman, executive director.
This new cardholder category is designed to expand access to Cuyahoga County Public Library’s vast resources while responsibly managing risk by limiting loans on physical material. For children who wish to check out library material but do not have identification and/or a parent/guardian signature, the Opportunity Card will enable them to borrow up to three items and use the library’s public computers to complete homework, access research databases, or take advantage of CCPL’s rich digital collection. For adults who are homeless, in transition, or who have not visited the library due to fines, the Opportunity Card ensures that they can log on to the library’s computers to do everything from completing a job application to taking online classes while also re-familiarizing themselves with the library’s collection and services.
Should a customer produce proof of residency, provide parent/guardian signature (if a minor) or reduce their fine/fee balance below $10, their account will be automatically converted to regular cardholder status.

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At Cuyahoga County Public Library we are committed to our mission of being at the center of community life by creating an environment where reading, lifelong learning and civic engagement thrive and our vision to be the most convenient library system in the country.

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